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The Do’s and Dont’s of a Traffic Stop in NJ

No one enjoys being pulled over by the police. A traffic stop can be inconvenient and stressful. However, knowing your rights and responsibilities during a traffic stop in New Jersey is crucial when you see those lights flashing behind you. In New Jersey, a law enforcement officer can pull you over if they have "reasonable suspicion" that you are violating a law—including a traffic law. For instance, police may stop you if they suspect you are driving under the influence of drugs or ...

Read More May 9, 2018

How to File a Restraining Order in Ocean County, NJ

Restraining Order in Ocean County NJ If you are looking for information about how to obtain a restraining order in Ocean County, New Jersey, you are most likely going through a stressful time and need answers quickly. The lawyers at Proetta & Oliver are available to assist you with obtaining a restraining order in Toms River, Brick, Lacey Township, Manchester, Point Pleasant, and surrounding communities in the Ocean County area. We are committed to helping you feel protected as soon as possible. The focus of this article ...

Read More May 2, 2018

Pre Indictment Conference in Ocean County NJ

Ocean County Pre Indictment Conference Attorneys Have to appear for a pre-indictment conference in Ocean County, NJ? What happens at a pre-indictment conference? Do I need a lawyer? A pre-indictment conference is a court setting that occurs after criminal charges have been filed against an individual for an indictable offense, also known as a felony. In New Jersey, the pre-indictment conference provides the prosecutor and defense attorney an opportunity to meet to discuss the case and possibly work out a plea agreement. If you have been ...

Read More April 24, 2018

Possession of Drugs, Weapons, and Illegal Items in New Jersey

If you are in possession of drugs or a dangerous weapon in New Jersey, the police may charge you with a crime. For example, you may be stopped on the street, pulled over for a traffic stop, or surprised when authorities arrive at your home with a search warrant. Regardless of the circumstances, if police find a pistol, marijuana, stolen property, or another illegal item during a search, you may be arrested. In fact, countless New Jersey residents and visitors are charged with criminal ...

Read More April 18, 2018

Brick Township Domestic Violence Case Shooting Deemed Justified

The Ocean County Prosecutor's Office recently released a report which contained findings about a domestic violence case in Brick Township, New Jersey, that left one man dead. Brick Township police officers responded to reports of a domestic assault, which escalated into a conflict between a local man and law enforcement. Following a review, officials in the Ocean County Prosecutor's Office determined that police in Brick Township justifiably shot Keshawn Wilson after he barricaded himself ...

Read More April 10, 2018

New Jersey Points for Traffic Violations

Every traffic violation in New Jersey corresponds with a specific number of "points," which are applied to your driver's license. These points are recorded with the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission. Motor vehicle violation points can have long-term consequences, such as extra fees and even revocation of your license. In this article, our experienced Ocean County traffic defense lawyers explain the significance of motor vehicle points in New Jersey. We also provide a list of common traffic ...

Read More April 2, 2018

Allowing Someone Else to Drive under the Influence in NJ

Why You can be Charged with DUI for Letting Someone Else Drive Drunk in Ocean County, New Jersey Essentially everyone knows that driving while intoxicated (DWI) is illegal in New Jersey. Under State law, someone is considered intoxicated if their blood alcohol concentration is at or above 0.08 percent. While most people know that they should not get behind the wheel drunk, what they often do not realize is that individuals can be charged if they let a friend or loved one drive under the ...

Read More March 26, 2018

House Parties and Providing Alcohol to Minors Charges in New Jersey

Brick NJ Providing Alcohol to Minors Charges The legal age to drink in New Jersey is 21. It is also illegal to make alcohol available to minors in this state and every other state in the U.S. However, that does not stop some parents and other adults from providing alcohol to those under the age of 21. Sometimes, parents aren't even aware underage people are consuming alcohol at their house. In other cases, parents may choose to provide alcohol in the home to children and friends because they think “they are going to do it anyway; at ...

Read More March 20, 2018

Ocean County Among Top Counties in New Jersey for Drug-Related Deaths

A recent study investigated drug-related deaths in each of the 21 counties in New Jersey. Ocean County was ranked number two in the state for drug fatalities, marking a catastrophic increase from the prior year. The investigation's results were recently released by, which evaluated drug overdose deaths for 2016 and 2015 in each county in NJ. Comparing population data and tracking the evolution year-over-year revealed some startling results. Although Ocean County is the sixth-most ...

Read More March 14, 2018

Weapons and Threats in Ocean County NJ

There have been several weapons threats in Ocean County, New Jersey recently, which raises an important question: what are the consequences of causing a security scare? The criminal defense attorneys at Proetta & Oliver regularly handle criminal charges arising out of weapons incidents. In this article, we will explain some of the charges that you or a loved one may face if accused of having a weapon or threatening to commit an act of violence in New Jersey. To discuss your specific ...

Read More March 7, 2018

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