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Our law firm has successfully handled thousands of criminal, DWI, and municipal court charges throughout Ocean County and New Jersey.

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PTI for Ocean County Gun Charges

Avoid jail for Ocean County gun charges with Pretrial Intervention Pretrial Intervention (PTI) Eligibility for Gun Charges in Ocean County, New Jersey New Jersey prosecutors enforce a number of serious gun laws that apply throughout the state, including in Ocean County. Sustaining a conviction for a gun offense can have many serious consequences. For example, many New Jersey gun laws carry harsh mandatory minimum jail terms. If you are facing prosecution for a gun offense in New Jersey, qualifying for and being granted admission into Pretrial Intervention ...

Read More April 17, 2019

Federal vs State Criminal Prosecutions in NJ

Federal Charges Ocean County defense lawyers State vs. Federal Prosecutions in New Jersey Residents of New Jersey are constrained by at least two different sets of laws: federal law and state law. The consequences of committing a criminal offense and the legal process applicable to the criminal prosecution you will face can vary dramatically depending on whether you allegedly violated federal or state laws. Our experienced Ocean County criminal defense lawyers explain some of the key similarities and differences between facing a ...

Read More April 10, 2019

Ways Marijuana can Still get You Arrested at the Jersey Shore

Arrested for marijuana at the Jersey Shore defense lawyers near me Arrested for Marijuana at the Jersey Shore? Being arrested and charged with a marijuana offense can and still does happen in beach towns like Point Pleasant, Lavallete, Surf City, Beach Haven, and Seaside Park on a regular basis. You may have thought you couldn't get in trouble for possession, selling, growing, or driving under the influence of weed in New Jersey, but the stark reality is: you can. March was supposed to be the month that New Jersey followed at least ten other states in ...

Read More April 4, 2019

Offered a Plea in Ocean County: Key Considerations

Avoid taking a plea Ocean County felony charges top lawyers Charged with a Crime in Ocean County? What to Consider Before You Plead Guilty If you have been arrested for a crime such as robbery, burglary, aggravated assault, unlawful possession of a weapon, heroin distribution, or another indictable offense, you may be wondering what happens next and if you have to plead guilty. After you have been arrested, the police may book you and release you within a short period of time or hold you in jail pending a detention hearing. You will then have to ...

Read More March 28, 2019

Brick Township Votes to Prohibit Recreational Marijuana Ahead of State Legalization

Arrested for marijuana Brick NJ top lawyers near me Brick Township Says No to Recreational Marijuana Whether to legalize recreational marijuana is a controversial topic in New Jersey. As the state government considers whether to permit recreational marijuana use and sale in the state, local governments and townships are simultaneously weighing whether to allow the manufacture, testing, cultivation of marijuana, or sale of weed in their communities. Recently, Brick Township decided this question, outlawing recreational marijuana within the ...

Read More March 21, 2019

What is the Process of a Criminal Case in Municipal Court?

Have to go to municipal court in Toms River lawyers near me What is the Process of a Criminal Case in Municipal Court? Have you or someone you know been arrested or received a summons or warrant and told you have to appear in municipal court to answer to the criminal matter? You need to know some things before you go to court in Toms River, Brick Township, Seaside Heights, Lacey Township, Manchester, Jackson, or another local municipal court in Ocean County, NJ. As experienced criminal defense attorneys serving all of Ocean County, we know the ...

Read More March 14, 2019

When the Prosecutor Doesn’t Provide Discovery in Your NJ Criminal Case

Best defense for criminal charges Jackson NJ When the Prosecutor Doesn't Provide Discovery in Your NJ Criminal Case Criminal law differs from civil law and popular television legal dramas in at least one critical way: there aren’t supposed to be any surprises in a criminal trial. Prosecutors have an obligation under federal law to turn over all exculpatory evidence in their possession to the defense, and, under several New Jersey state rules, prosecutors must also disclose a significant amount of additional evidence to the ...

Read More March 8, 2019

How to Disprove a Harassment Charge in NJ

Accused of harassment Ocean County top defense lawyers near me How to Disprove Harassment Allegations in Ocean County, NJ Have you been charged with harassment? Are you concerned about what could happen or how you can defend your case? The experienced attorneys at our Ocean County defense firm can help. If you have been charged with harassment, it is likely that someone you know told the police or the court that you made unwanted communications or subjected them to striking, kicking shoving, offensive touching, or threatened to do some harm. Often, ...

Read More February 28, 2019

Arrests Made in Ocean County Drug Operation

Seaside Heights Drug Possession Lawyers In the late evening of Thursday, February 21 and into the early morning of Friday, February 22, police officers in Ocean County executed a raid on multiple residences expected to be involved in drug distribution. Specifically, the Seaside Heights Police Department executed a raid on four (4) houses and arrested seventeen (17) individuals on drugs possession and drug distribution charges. Among the drugs found were cocaine, heroin, marijuana and ...

Read More February 25, 2019

Vape Use, Sales may get you in Trouble in New Jersey

Arrested for a vape pen Toms River top lawyers near me Vape Use, Sales may get You in Trouble in New Jersey The CDC has reported that the number of high school students using e-cigarettes and other tobacco products has increased dramatically in the past year. New Jersey, like other states, is seeing a major spike in vape pens and associated criminal charges. Believe it or not, you can face serious penalties for selling tobacco and alcohol products, including Juuls and other vapes, to persons under the age of 21 in New Jersey. Young people can ...

Read More February 20, 2019

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