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Cyber Harassment Charges & Penalties in NJ

Cyber Harassment NJSA 2C:33-4.1 Charge Cyber Harassment Charges & Penalties in NJ What it means to be Accused of Cyber Harassment or Cyber Stalking in Ocean County, New Jersey In this day and age, people spend countless hours online, on computers, and on phones. Based on the prevalence of internet use and social media, the web is like a new stomping ground for criminal offenses. Whether you do or do not know the person you threaten or harass on a social media site or via email or text, you must beware that you could be ...

Read More September 9, 2021

Brick NJ Simple Assault Criminal and Domestic Violence Cases

Brick NJ Simple Assault Criminal and Domestic Violence Cases Brick Township is the third-largest municipality in Ocean County, New Jersey. With a population of 75,000 it stacks up right behind Toms River and Lakewood. With 30,000 households and an additional 20,000 families, simple assault is unquestionably a frequently charged disorderly persons offense that must be litigated in Brick Municipal Court. Simple assault charges are just as persistent in Brick as they are anywhere else, if not ...

Read More November 18, 2020

How to Disprove a Harassment Charge in NJ

Accused of harassment Ocean County top defense lawyers near me How to Disprove Harassment Allegations in Ocean County, NJ Have you been charged with harassment? Are you concerned about what could happen or how you can defend your case? The experienced attorneys at our Ocean County defense firm can help. If you have been charged with harassment, it is likely that someone you know told the police or the court that you made unwanted communications or subjected them to striking, kicking shoving, offensive touching, or threatened to do some harm. Often, ...

Read More February 28, 2019

Evidence in an Ocean County Restraining Order Case

Court for Restraining Order Toms River local attorneys near me Evidence in an Ocean County Restraining Order Case In New Jersey, restraining orders restrict one person’s ability to come within a certain distance of another person for a set period of time. Restraining orders also typically restrict the restrained person from going to the home or workplace of the person protected by the order. Restraining orders are often sought in cases involving domestic abuse or sexual violence, but they can also be sought in other types of cases depending on the ...

Read More February 2, 2019

How to File a Restraining Order in Ocean County, NJ

Restraining Order in Ocean County NJ If you are looking for information about how to obtain a restraining order in Ocean County, New Jersey, you are most likely going through a stressful time and need answers quickly. The lawyers at Proetta & Oliver are available to assist you with obtaining a restraining order in Toms River, Brick, Lacey Township, Manchester, Point Pleasant, and surrounding communities in the Ocean County area. We are committed to helping you feel protected as soon as possible. The focus of this article ...

Read More May 2, 2018

Brick Township Domestic Violence Case Shooting Deemed Justified

The Ocean County Prosecutor's Office recently released a report which contained findings about a domestic violence case in Brick Township, New Jersey, that left one man dead. Brick Township police officers responded to reports of a domestic assault, which escalated into a conflict between a local man and law enforcement. Following a review, officials in the Ocean County Prosecutor's Office determined that police in Brick Township justifiably shot Keshawn Wilson after he barricaded himself ...

Read More April 10, 2018

Restraining Order Dismissed Against Law Enforcement Officer

Police and law enforcement officers are constantly putting their lives on the line to protect the public on a daily basis. However, even cops are not immune to the allegations of domestic violence or restraining orders. And for an officer a conviction of domestic violence or final restraining order can mean the end of their career because you are not allowed to carry or own a firearm. Over the years, our office has had the opportunity to represent and successfully defend several members of ...

Read More June 26, 2017

Stalking Charges Dismissed on Eve of Trial

Restraining Order in Ocean County NJ Our office recently defended a client that had been charged with 4th degree Stalking. The allegations were that our client had placed an authorized GPS device on the victim's vehicle in order to track their whereabouts. In recent years we have seen a drastic increase in these kinds of crimes as remote controlled GPS devices have become readily accessible online for a reasonable price and they are easy to install or click onto a vehicle.  However, our client was a professional with no prior ...

Read More May 12, 2017

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