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Our law firm has successfully handled thousands of criminal, DWI, and municipal court charges throughout Ocean County and New Jersey.

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What Needs to be Proven for a DWI Conviction in New Jersey?

dwi lawyer near me If you have been arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated in New Jersey, you are facing the possibility of having your license suspended, paying significant fines, and even serving time in jail. Additionally, the potential penalties for DWI increase with each subsequent offense. With so much on the line, it is crucial to hire a lawyer who is experienced in DWI defense, thoroughly understands the forms of evidence that often come into play in DUI cases, and can advocate on your ...

Read More October 11, 2018

DWI Checkpoints in New Jersey

Toms River DWI Checkpoint Lawyer Arrested for DWI at a Sobriety Checkpoint in Ocean County? Most people know that driving while intoxicated (DWI) is a serious offense in New Jersey. If you operate a motor vehicle and your blood alcohol content (BAC) is at or above the legal limit, you are at risk of being arrested and charged with DUI. There are multiple ways in which police find drunk drivers in New Jersey, one of which is sobriety checkpoints. DWI checkpoints are extremely common in Ocean County, especially in the ...

Read More June 28, 2018

Allowing Someone Else to Drive under the Influence in NJ

Why You can be Charged with DUI for Letting Someone Else Drive Drunk in Ocean County, New Jersey Essentially everyone knows that driving while intoxicated (DWI) is illegal in New Jersey. Under State law, someone is considered intoxicated if their blood alcohol concentration is at or above 0.08 percent. While most people know that they should not get behind the wheel drunk, what they often do not realize is that individuals can be charged if they let a friend or loved one drive under the ...

Read More March 26, 2018

Lakewood Bus Driver Charged with Endangering the Welfare of a Child for DWI with Kid Passengers

A school bus driver has been charged with DWI and endangering the welfare of a child after allegedly driving under the influence with approximately 20 child passengers in Lakewood, New Jersey. The driver is also accused of engaging in a heated road rage incident while driving drunk with the students near the Garden State Parkway. According to officials from the Lakewood Police Department, they received a report of a road rage incident occurring in the vicinity of  Chestnut Street and ...

Read More December 21, 2017

Lakewood Police to Increase Patrols for DWI and Traffic Violations

After numerous car accidents, some of which led to deaths and serious injuries in Lakewood Township, New Jersey, officials in Ocean County are increasing police patrols in Lakewood to identify people driving under the influence (DUI) and those committing other motor vehicle violations. In an announcement on Monday, Ocean County Prosecutor Joseph Coronato said the new strategy will begin on Thursday. The Ocean County Prosecutor's Office, Lakewood Police Department, and New Jersey State ...

Read More December 6, 2017

DWI and Drug DUI Checkpoints throughout Ocean County over Thanksgiving

The Ocean County Prosecutor's Office just announced its plan to conduct numerous DWI checkpoints throughout Ocean County, NJ over the Thanksgiving holiday. Law enforcement officials will be targeting drivers who are driving while intoxicated, as well as those driving under the influence of drugs. This DWI/DUI enforcement initiative comes in direct response to last year's Thanksgiving holiday. Specifically, there were six fatal accidents and seven deaths on New Jersey roadways last year ...

Read More November 21, 2017

DWI Blood Draw With Accident Dismissed

Our Ocean County DWI lawyers recently defended a client who had been arrested for DWI and several other motor vehicle after he crashed his car in Brick Township, New Jersey. Police showed up to the scene and suspected that our client had been drinking after speaking with him because they allegedly smelled a strong odor of alcohol on his breath. However, given the circumstances and the fact there had been a serious accident an ambulance was called to transport our client to the hospital for ...

Read More September 28, 2017

Lakewood Driver Charged with DUI after Hitting Pedestrian

A Lakewood man who was allegedly driving under the influence when he struck a pedestrian with his car, was recently arrested charged with DUI. Authorities said he may face additional charges in the coming days. According officials from the Lakewood Police Department, 23-year-old Lakewood resident Ever Espinoza was arrested shortly after 11:30 p.m. on Saturday, September 2nd, on Ocean Avenue. Espinoza was allegedly driving under the influence in the vicinity of Pearl Street when his vehicle ...

Read More September 5, 2017

Toms River Dominates Ocean County for DWI Arrests

Ocean County, New Jersey is known for its beaches and nightlife, as well as its heavily patrolled roadways, where drivers are arrested for driving while intoxicated (DWI) on a regular basis. In fact, police use a variety of enforcement tactics to identify potential DUI offenders, including sobriety checkpoints, which are held at predetermined locations and require drivers to stop regardless of whether or not they have actually committed a traffic violation. While DWI checkpoints are more ...

Read More August 21, 2017

DWI Assault by Auto Admitted into Pre-Trial Intervention

nj-assault-by-auto-lawyer Our criminal attorneys recently defended a client who was charged with 3rd degree Assault by Auto for getting into a serious accident while driving under the influence that resulted in serious injuries. In fact one of the injured victims was a minor and had to be air lifted by helicopter to the nearest hospital. Needless to say, this was a serious situation which was made worse by the various aggravating factors and under circumstances like this the charges could easily result in a felony ...

Read More May 31, 2017

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