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Consequences for Car Burglary in New Jersey

Car Burglary Lawyers in Ocean County NJ Consequences for Car Burglary in New Jersey In New Jersey, entering a stranger's car without permission by breaking in or opening a locked door to take something in the vehicle is burglary. Likewise, staying in the car to drink, smoke, or sleep is burglary. And the burglar does not have to make off with the stolen car items to be guilty of burglary. Even a botched burglary is technically a burglary offense under the law. Is breaking into a car breaking and entering in NJ? A burglary ...

Read More December 24, 2021

DWI Accident Defense Lawyer

Drunk Driving Accident Charges Attorneys in Ocean NJ Charged with a DWI Accident in Ocean County NJ New Jersey’s strict DUI laws aim to deter drivers from endangering their lives and others on the road. The embarrassment, inconvenience, and cost are consequences of a DWI conviction designed to keep drunk drivers off the road and protect public safety. The justification for the harsh punishment is often noted as the accidents resulting from drunk driving. Many drunk driving charges arise after a car accident when the police arrive to ...

Read More December 17, 2021

Drunk Driving during the Holiday Season in NJ

Arrested for Drunk Driving over the Holidays South Jersey Drunk Driving during the Holiday Season in NJ During the time surrounding Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's, police in New Jersey are on high alert for potential drunk drivers, especially in Jersey Shore towns. Drunk driving is a year-round focus for New Jersey law enforcement, but they tend to place an even greater emphasis on DWI arrests during the holidays, and specifically on the days surrounding Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. That’s because statistics show that there ...

Read More December 9, 2021

Legal vs. Illegal Wiretapping by Police and Private Citizens in New Jersey

NJ Wiretapping Law When is it Legal to Record Someone Else without their Consent in NJ? You sit down with a friend to lunch at a restaurant and sit outside on the patio. The two of you catch up on the latest in your lives, including your divorce and custody battle. You confide in your friend that your children do not want to visit with their father. You further disclose that you plan to take them out of state to live with your relatives. Without your knowing, your friend recorded your conversation with her ...

Read More December 3, 2021

What is an Illegal Search in New Jersey?

Fight Charges from Illegal Search Ocean County NJ What is an Illegal Search in New Jersey? Criminal Law Attorneys Explore Unlawful Searches and Seizures in NJ We live in a society that prizes privacy and independence. From the source of United States law come guarantees of liberty, life, happiness, and by implication, privacy. The Fourth Amendment to the Constitution protects people from unwarranted intrusions by the state or government. It protects individuals from illegal searches and seizures. New Jersey’s Article I, Section 7 of its ...

Read More November 18, 2021

Point Pleasant Shoplifting Lawyers

Local Shoplifting Defense Firm Point Pleasant NJ Point Pleasant Shoplifting Attorneys Charged with Shoplifting in Point Pleasant, New Jersey Though known for a beach vacation getaway spot, Point Pleasant offers visitors many entertainment possibilities all year round. For example, Downtown is an explosion of custom antique shops and boutiques, among the array of hotels, restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops. Residents and visitors celebrate the sea and world-famous chowder during two fun festivals annually, and, of course, the Boardwalk ...

Read More November 4, 2021

Megan’s Law Tier Classification Hearings and Legal Challenges

Toms River Megan's Law Tier Classification Hearing Lawyers Megan's Law Tier Classification Hearings and Legal Challenges Anyone convicted of a sex offense in New Jersey is probably familiar with Megan’s Law, the legislation passed by state lawmakers in 1994 to require certain individuals to register as sex offenders. This means that even after the defendant has served their sentence and been released from prison, they will have to notify their local police department and follow through with the online registration process – or risk being sent back ...

Read More October 27, 2021

FAQs when You get Arrested in New Jersey from Out of State

Arrested in NJ from Out of State FAQs when You get Arrested in New Jersey from Out of State You came to New Jersey, whether for work, to visit family, on vacation, or merely to get to someplace else, but you got arrested. Now, you're unsure what to do and what you are confronting as an out of state resident charged with a criminal offense or DWI. You and so many people like you face a host of intimidating questions when facing charges in NJ while here from another state. This is particularly common at the Jersey Shore, ...

Read More October 20, 2021

Main Reasons to Hire a Criminal Attorney 

Should I Hire a Criminal Attorney in Toms River NJ Main Reasons to Hire a Criminal Attorney So you got arrested, now what? Should you hire a criminal lawyer to defend you? While you may think that the punishment is strict and etched in stone, you may also be wrong about what you can do with the help of a criminal defense attorney. If you are facing criminal charges, consider enlisting the help of a legal partner by your side as you defend yourself against the prosecutor’s charges. Not only will you gain protection and advantage over a ...

Read More October 7, 2021

Extreme Risk Protective Orders vs. Gun Rights

Need a Lawyer for Extreme Risk Protection Order Toms River NJ Extreme Risk Protective Orders vs. Gun Rights Extreme Risk Protective Order Attorney in Ocean County, NJ The right to bear arms is protected by the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, but there are limitations and restrictions on this right in certain circumstances. One such example is extreme risk protective orders in New Jersey, referred to in the public discourse as red flag laws. In 2018, New Jersey lawmakers made the state’s already-tough gun laws even tougher by passing the ...

Read More September 22, 2021

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