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Driver’s License Suspension for Drug Charges in NJ

Avoid Drug Charge Conviction Toms River NJ top attorneys Driver's License Suspension for Drug Charges in NJ Stafford NJ Drug Charge Defense Attorneys In New Jersey, people charged with drug crimes are subject to many penalties. If convicted of any drug related offense, you may be ordered to serve time in jail, be on probation, and to pay substantial fines and penalties. A lesser known penalty available to the courts is a mandatory loss of license between 6 and 24 months. Unfortunately, a loss of license is not limited to cases involving DUI and ...

Read More September 25, 2019

Debates over Vaping in New Jersey

Local defense attorneys in Toms River for Vape related criminal charge Ongoing Debates over Vaping in NJ Need a Lawyer for Vape with Marijuana or THC Charges in Ocean County? Call now. It has been almost impossible to miss the headlines regarding vaping and related illnesses in recent weeks. There have been news reports about vaping-related deaths and diseases occurring in almost every state from summer to fall 2019. According to a recent NBC News report, several hundred people have fallen ill as a result of using e-cigarettes and related products, and the ...

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NJ Law on Carrying a Prescription Drug in Another Container

Charged with having prescription pills Brick NJ best defense Prescription Drugs in Another Container in Ocean County, New Jersey New Jersey imposes strict regulation on the possession of certain prescription drugs categorized as controlled dangerous substances. To validly carry a prescription drug, you must first receive a written prescription from your doctor. You must then take that prescription to a pharmacy or drug store and receive your prescription from a licensed pharmacist. If police find you in possession of certain drugs without evidence ...

Read More August 7, 2019

Why Was I Charged with Intent to Distribute?

Intent to sell CDS charge Ocean NJ local attorneys Why Was I Charged with Intent to Distribute? Possession with the intent to distribute is a somewhat confusing charge in New Jersey. Often, people are surprised to find out that police do not have to see you actually distributing or selling an illegal substance for you to be charged with this type of drug crime. Instead, they can make the assumption that you are going to sell it based on the circumstances of the possession. Here's why. When Simple Possession Becomes Intent to Distribute in ...

Read More July 25, 2019

Can I Get a Drug Charge Dropped in Ocean County?

Get drug charges dismissed Toms River help best defense Can I Get a Drug Charge Dropped in Ocean County, New Jersey? Police departments invest a tremendous amount of manpower and financial resources in aggressively enforcing the state’s strict drug laws. Prosecutors will likely take a similarly hard-line approach to filing and trying a case against you if you are arrested for drug charges in Ocean County or elsewhere in New Jersey. With that said, hiring an experienced NJ criminal defense attorney can tremendously help to increase your chances ...

Read More July 18, 2019

Drug Kingpin gets Life Sentence in Ocean County

Investigating me for drug trafficking in Ocean County NJ top lawyers Drug Kingpin Defense Lawyers in Ocean County, NJ Have you ever heard the term "drug kingpin?" Under the law, a drug kingpin is any person who controls a network of others involved in the drug trade. Usually, a drug kingpin is only prosecuted after lengthy investigation and potential undercover work in their organization. Investigators and prosecutors usually try to "flip" people who become informants against a drug kingpin. New Jersey takes drug trafficking so seriously that it enacted a ...

Read More June 19, 2019

Is Possession of Marijuana a Felony in New Jersey?

Is Possession of Marijuana a Felony in New Jersey? As more and more states legalize or decriminalize the possession and use of marijuana, it can be easy to forget that some states, including New Jersey, still enforce laws that severely penalize marijuana offenses. Possession of marijuana is still prohibited by New Jersey’s general-purpose law banning the possession of all controlled dangerous substances without a valid prescription. Shockingly, this is the same law that applies to the ...

Read More June 13, 2019

First-Time Drug Offenses in New Jersey

First drug charge Toms River top attorneys near me First-Time Drug Charge Lawyers in Ocean County, NJ New Jersey prohibits the possession, manufacture, and distribution of controlled dangerous substances. These substances include Schedule I drugs like heroin and methamphetamine, along with some illegally obtained prescription drugs like oxycontin. Drug charges are punished severely in the New Jersey. Fortunately, first-time drug offenders have several options that are not available to people who have been previously convicted of crimes. If ...

Read More May 29, 2019

Lacey Township Charges for Drug Distribution & Intent to Distribute

Local Lacey Twp Intent to Distribute Defense Attorney Drug Distribution & Intent to Distribute Lawyers in Lacey, NJ The combined methamphetamine and opioid abuse crisis currently gripping New Jersey has taken hold in Lacey Towsnhip, resulting in numerous charges for drug possession, distribution, and intent to distribute a controlled dangerous substance (CDS). Individuals can be charged with either disorderly persons offenses (similar to misdemeanors in other states) or indictable offenses (similar to felonies outside New Jersey) for ...

Read More April 25, 2019

Arrested for Drugs in Ocean County NJ

Arrested for drugs Ocean NJ lawyers near me Arrested for Drugs in Ocean County NJ Thousands of people each year are arrested for drug offenses in New Jersey, and many of these arrests occur in Ocean County. The legal circumstances surrounding drug arrests can be complicated and unique, leaving you with many questions when facing drug charges. Here are answers to some of the most common questions we are asked as experienced criminal defense lawyers serving clients in Point Pleasant, Barnegat, Ocean Township, Mantoloking Manchester, ...

Read More February 13, 2019

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