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Consequences for Car Burglary in New Jersey

Car Burglary Lawyers in Ocean County NJ Consequences for Car Burglary in New Jersey In New Jersey, entering a stranger's car without permission by breaking in or opening a locked door to take something in the vehicle is burglary. Likewise, staying in the car to drink, smoke, or sleep is burglary. And the burglar does not have to make off with the stolen car items to be guilty of burglary. Even a botched burglary is technically a burglary offense under the law. Is breaking into a car breaking and entering in NJ? A burglary ...

Read More December 24, 2021

Point Pleasant Shoplifting Lawyers

Local Shoplifting Defense Firm Point Pleasant NJ Point Pleasant Shoplifting Attorneys Charged with Shoplifting in Point Pleasant, New Jersey Though known for a beach vacation getaway spot, Point Pleasant offers visitors many entertainment possibilities all year round. For example, Downtown is an explosion of custom antique shops and boutiques, among the array of hotels, restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops. Residents and visitors celebrate the sea and world-famous chowder during two fun festivals annually, and, of course, the Boardwalk ...

Read More November 4, 2021

Can You Face Criminal Charges for Breaking and Entering in NJ?

Breaking and Entering Charge Toms River NJ Can You Face Criminal Charges for Breaking and Entering in NJ? Criminal Defense Lawyers Explain what Happens when You get Caught Breaking and Entering in Ocean County Breaking and entering, most commonly charged as burglary, occurs when someone enters a structure or remains in a structure without permission to commit a crime or offense (N.J.S.A. 2C:18-2). What is Legally Considered Breaking and Entering in New Jersey For the purposes of burglary, a structure can be anything, such as a ...

Read More July 8, 2021

Shoplifting Attorney in Berkeley Township NJ

Need a shoplifting lawyer in Berkeley NJ Shoplifting Attorney in Berkeley Township NJ Charged with Shoplifting in Berkeley Township NJ? Berkeley Township is located in beautiful Ocean County, New Jersey. Shopping in and around the township is often a task or favorite thing to do by many. Residents and visitors from nearby towns such as Ocean Township, Pine Beach, Seaside Heights, Seaside Park, or South Toms River come here for a variety of reasons. Some stop by for rest and relaxation on White Sands Beach in South Seaside Park, ...

Read More December 16, 2020

Stafford Township Shoplifting Charge Penalties, & Defense

Top Stafford NJ shoplifting charge attorney near me Stafford Township Shoplifting Charge Penalties & Defense The Stafford Township Police Department actively seeks to identify and arrest people accused of shoplifting. Often, the police employ tactics such as posting store surveillance footage of a shoplifting suspect on their facebook page.  This surveillance footage, whether obtained from loss prevention at Walmart, Target, or Stafford Square Mall, or similar retail establishments, shows the face of the suspected shoplifter. Usually ...

Read More November 10, 2020

Burglary in Stafford New Jersey

Charged with Burglary Stafford NJ local attorney Burglary in Stafford New Jersey Stafford Burglary Defense Lawyers Sir Edward Coke is responsible for saying that a man’s house is his castle. This quote is commonly understood to mean that we should be able to seek solace and protection in our homes and our belongings, free from the interference of others. In keeping with this line of thinking is the assumption that no one’s peace and enjoyment should be disturbed by those seeking to commit an offense within property belonging to someone ...

Read More July 28, 2020

Top Things to Know if You Have Been Charged with Theft in NJ

Facing a Theft Charge Toms River NJ help attorneys Top Things to Know if You Have Been Charged with Theft in NJ There are a surprisingly high number of laws criminalizing different types of theft in New Jersey. These laws have similarities and differences but in terms of the broadest way to distinguish theft charges, they fit into one of two categories: disorderly persons offenses and indictable offenses. There are key distinctions between how a disorderly persons charge for theft is handled in the court system versus an indictable ...

Read More October 31, 2019

How do they Prove Shoplifting Charges?

Arrested for Shoplifting Seaside NJ lawyers near me How Does the State Prove a Shoplifting Case? Getting arrested for or caught shoplifting can be embarrassing in the moment, and, even worse, can leave you with a criminal record that may show up on background checks run by subsequent employers. If you have been accused of shoplifting in Ocean County, NJ, you may be wondering how the state can prove that you meant to steal the item, as opposed to getting caught up in an unfortunate misunderstanding or forgetting that you were carrying or ...

Read More June 26, 2019

Ocean County Mall Shoplifting Charges

What to Know about Shoplifting Charges at Ocean County Mall A trip to the Ocean County Mall, located at 1201 Hooper Avenue in Toms River, New Jersey, can turn into a nightmare if you are caught shoplifting or accused of shoplifting. Ocean County Mall sees its fair share of shoplifting cases. With crowds of people descending on the Jersey Shore each year, the Ocean County Mall is a popular destination for tourists and residents alike. The mall contains a wide range of retail store including ...

Read More January 16, 2019

Two Jackson NJ Little League Leaders Facing Theft Charges

Two former high-ranking leaders from the Holbrook Little League team in Jackson, New Jersey, Tony Del Vecchio (former president) and John Lehmann (former treasurer), are facing theft charges after allegedly stealing money from the Little League team. The theft of nearly $120,000 includes funds earned by the team during its pursuit of the Little League World Series in 2016, in which they earned a fourth place national finish. Both Del Vecchio and Lehmann were charged with second-degree ...

Read More February 20, 2018

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