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Heroin Case Dismissed in Entirety Based on Bad Search

seaside heights NJ heroin lawyer Most people go down the jersey shore for a good time. For some people that means going down to Seaside Heights or Point Pleasant for a nice day on the boardwalk with the family. However, it has also become a popular destination for many others who travel to the shore for the weekend to party with drugs or alcohol. The local police are well aware of this fact and actively patrol the streets always on the look-out for illegal activities and drug use. Our office recently defended a client ...

Read More September 12, 2018

DWI Blood Draw With Accident Dismissed

Our Ocean County DWI lawyers recently defended a client who had been arrested for DWI and several other motor vehicle after he crashed his car in Brick Township, New Jersey. Police showed up to the scene and suspected that our client had been drinking after speaking with him because they allegedly smelled a strong odor of alcohol on his breath. However, given the circumstances and the fact there had been a serious accident an ambulance was called to transport our client to the hospital for ...

Read More September 28, 2017

Marijuana Liquid THC Downgraded to Township Ordinance

Our criminal defense lawyers recently defended a client who had been pulled over by police officers for not wearing his seat belt. Once police approached the car, they allegedly smelled marijuana so they began pulling the occupants out of the car to search them and the inside the car. A search of the car allegedly turned up various drug paraphernalia, an ounce of marijuana and several cartridges of THC. Based on the search and subsequent investigation, the police alleged that the drug ...

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Restraining Order Dismissed Against Law Enforcement Officer

Police and law enforcement officers are constantly putting their lives on the line to protect the public on a daily basis. However, even cops are not immune to the allegations of domestic violence or restraining orders. And for an officer a conviction of domestic violence or final restraining order can mean the end of their career because you are not allowed to carry or own a firearm. Over the years, our office has had the opportunity to represent and successfully defend several members of ...

Read More June 26, 2017

Fake ID Downgraded to Ordinance

Seaside Heights NJ Fake ID lawyer Our fake ID defense lawyer recently represented a client who had been charged with possession of a false government document under 2C:21-2.1c, a fourth degree crime, for having a fake driver's license in his possession. Our client was arrested after he was approached by police after they saw him looking visibly intoxicated and throwing up. The police also noticed that he looked young so they decided to approach him and investigate for possible underage drinking. However, when they asked him ...

Read More June 13, 2017

DWI Assault by Auto Admitted into Pre-Trial Intervention

nj-assault-by-auto-lawyer Our criminal attorneys recently defended a client who was charged with 3rd degree Assault by Auto for getting into a serious accident while driving under the influence that resulted in serious injuries. In fact one of the injured victims was a minor and had to be air lifted by helicopter to the nearest hospital. Needless to say, this was a serious situation which was made worse by the various aggravating factors and under circumstances like this the charges could easily result in a felony ...

Read More May 31, 2017

Stalking Charges Dismissed on Eve of Trial

Restraining Order in Ocean County NJ Our office recently defended a client that had been charged with 4th degree Stalking. The allegations were that our client had placed an authorized GPS device on the victim's vehicle in order to track their whereabouts. In recent years we have seen a drastic increase in these kinds of crimes as remote controlled GPS devices have become readily accessible online for a reasonable price and they are easy to install or click onto a vehicle.  However, our client was a professional with no prior ...

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3rd Degree Drug Distribution Dismissed

Prescription drug charges Toms River NJ help defense lawyers Our law firm recently defended a client who was indicted for third degree possession with intent to distribute a controlled dangerous substance. Our client had been pulled over as a passenger in a car while him and his friend were driving down the Garden State Parkway on their way to Atlantic City. A subsequent search of the vehicle turned up a large quantity of pills in a mislabeled bottle, marijuana and several thousand in cash. Based on the circumstances, both individuals were charged ...

Read More February 15, 2017

Marijuana Charges Dismissed in Ocean NJ

tuckerton marijuana attorney Our office recently defended a client who was pulled over while driving his car and cops alleged that they smelled marijuana and then searched the car because new case law gives New Jersey police probable cause to search cars based on marijuana smell. After searching the vehicle police found a small amount of marijuana and charged our client with simple possession of marijuana, a disorderly persons offense. Our client had no prior record and was adamant about fighting the case to try and ...

Read More January 12, 2017

Second Successful Ocean County Mental Health Diversion Program Placement

We are proud to share that we have successfully placed our second successful client into Ocean County’s new Mental Health Diversion Program just nine months after placing the program’s very first applicant. Ocean County is one of only three in the State who has adopted the MHDP. This program allows individuals who are first time offenders with documented mental illness to have their cases diverted from traditional criminal prosecution. In order to successfully complete this program, the ...

Read More June 25, 2015

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