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Our law firm has successfully handled thousands of criminal, DWI, and municipal court charges throughout Ocean County and New Jersey.

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Where do I begin? My nightmare began  on October 12, 2013 when I was charged with terroristic threats which is a felony here in the state of New Jersey   I can’t express to u how bad my situation was, I had very incriminating text messages supporting elements of the allegations ,I had 3 previous felony convictions, along with 11 other arrest on my record. And did I mention that this charge was out of Monmouth county which is arguably one of the most conservative and tough on crime counties in the state with the exception of maybe Hunterdon county. I knew I had to hire an attorney. I was no stranger to the criminal justice system in my younger days and I knew with my record and my accuser’s testimony, that my days of freedom were numbered. I was terrified. So I looked on the Internet and I’ve found the Law Offices of William Proetta . I read some of the reviews and I thought to myself this is the type of guy I need. I gave Mr. Proetta a call and right away he put me at ease that he could work this out for me in a favorable way. But my nerves wouldn’t let me be despite his continual assurances . My record was too extensive and the evidence was too strong. But he still told me that he would take care of it. Mr. Proetta is the master negotiator. He made phone calls and before I knew it I was in superior court in front of a judge having my felony charges reduced to a petty disorderly persons  and I was sentenced to finish and complete a program that I had already been In. Mr. Proetta had basically saved me from utter disaster. While others who had public defenders had to be rescheduled to comeback and be sentenced on January 17th 2014 which is horrible because u have to endure the holidays not knowing your fate, I was sentenced to basically nothing and now I am able to enjoy my holidays with family and loved ones with peace of mind thanks to the knowledge of a great attorney. Sure it may set u back a few bucks but take this advice from someone whose been in some trouble in his past before. It’s worth while to spend the money on great legal council such as Mr. Proetta, because He will go to bat for u and reach out to the prosecutor that is handling your case and negotiate weeks in advance of your court date. Unlike a public defender who gets your case file 10 minutes before meeting u and can only discuss your case with the prosecutor for a brief minute. Please do yourself a favor and hire Mr. Proetta. If he can get serious felony charges dismissed with incriminating evidence to support the indictment, by a 3 time African American convicted felon in Monmouth county superior court. God only knows what he can do for you.

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