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Our law firm has successfully handled thousands of criminal, DWI, and municipal court charges throughout Ocean County and New Jersey


Mr.McGuckin did more than I could have asked of him. He answered all of the questions I had with professional, helpful answers. He made sure that I understood everything that was happening or going to happen through out the entire process. He made sure that he was always on time to court appearances and built a professional yet personal connection with my family and I. I would recommend Mr.McGuckin to anyone who needed legal help.

~ Jason R. – Client Review

Steve is simply amazing even from day one he was so knowledgeable and assured me things would work out based on my situation. I was kept informed about everything along the way and was not kept in the dark. There was a point in which things were not going well not due to the judge but that did not stop Steve from figuring out a way to get my case dismissed because I was innocent of the charges against me. He worked hard for weeks and kept reaching out to figure a way to get us the victory and Steve definitely was able to turn everything around. No wonder they were at the top of the list when we searched for an attorney to deal with my case because I am a New York resident. I highly recommend Steve because he did deliver like he told me based on facts that were given. With anything nothing is guaranteed but he has all the resources and drive to get things done. My life is now back on track because he was able to get my charges dismissed which would have cost me my job and ruined my life. It really is that big of a deal dont look any further if you need good quality legal help. STEVE WAS AMAZING!

Rafael C.

~ Rafael C.- Testimonial

Stephen is obviously a very charismatic person; being both intelligent and classy, which is very helpful in court and in person. Stephen and his office were always readily available even within the fixed cost, to handle my particular case which was also reassuring. Stephen advised me wisely and he gave me options and choices based upon understandable intelligent reasoning. I was very happy with my outcome and sincerely believe that Stephen is an excellent lawyer.

Ian T.

~ Ian T.- Testimonial

Steve was an excellent lawyer to have by my side during my DUI case. Highly knowledgeable, very hard working, and extremely professional, he made sure that the result of my case was the best possible scenario for me. He was prepared to argue against the prosecutor from all angles after thoroughly investigating all the details pertaining to my DUI, especially the alcotest device calibration that could have produced key errors in my BAC reading if it was improperly calibrated. He was very helpful in explaining the details of the investigation, and always kept me updated on my case’s progress. He was also very accessible for communication, so I was able to come to him with my questions. I would recommend him to anyone who needs a reliable DUI lawyer

Francis T.

~ Francis T.- Testimonial

The respect that Will Proetta receives from Judges and prosecutors alike is well deserved; and it is one of many advantages and resources that he provides to clients such as myself. When I present Will with a case, his accessible knowledge and pointed strategies never fail to settle my nerves. His confidence is contagious. I always know that I am in good hands, and that we are well prepared. Will’s success when dealing with my cases is a testament to his ability as a professional. However, I am often most impressed with the personal level of service that I receive. At the risk of sounding too cliché, Will actually cares about his clients. If I wasn’t paying him for his time I would certainly consider him a friend.

~ Sam P. Client Review

My name is Chris and I wanted to speak on the behalf of William A. Proetta. I hired Mr. Proetta earlier this year when I ran into some trouble. After meeting with him and explaining my situation, he instantly made me feel better about my situation. His confidence and positive attitude toward the matter was so strong that it began to wear off on me. After a long case that went weeks overdue, my case ended up getting dismissed. Now, a case like this does not just get dismissed just like that.  However, when you have a lawyer the caliber of Mr. Proetta representing you things like this can happen. Throughout the whole trial Mr. Proetta stayed confident and upbeat about the case even when things were not looking great. However, with his hard work and perserverance toward this case he found a way to get it all dismissed. I would recommend Mr. Proetta to anyone and cannot thank him enough for his hard work in my case.

~ Chris F. Client Review